Launching a support campaign on Patreon to develop a series of large scale works.

In 2018 I made a decision to begin work on a series of large scale original hand made pieces. I still plan to continue my digital illustration and landscape work but I want to extend my portrait ideas into large images on canvas.

I started work on the first of these illustrative pieces last year and progress has been slow juggling the project in combination with all my commercial work but in 2019 I am determined to forge ahead and establish a series for a gallery show.

As an Artist its vital to keep developing and working in new ways and I’m excited about this project because its bringing together ideas from my collage illustration work and my skills as a textile maker. Due to the large scale of the work its very time intensive and now I’m looking for Patreon support to enable me to give more time to developing the images.

By supporting my campaign you can help me achieve this and in return I can offer you a direct insight into my process and work through exclusive images and posts and the opportunity to get unique updates. The more support you are able to offer, the more unique the rewards ranging from a monthly postcard to original pieces and the opportunity for me to make a work of art just for you.

I’m really excited about 2019 and looking forward to continuing my Art journey - thank you for continuing to support and follow my work.

Dartmoor Diaries

At the moment I'm very lucky to be living and working right on the moors in Eastern Dartmoor and have started to document my time here through the ever changing landscape. I arrived in the Summer and have been dazzled and bewitched by the great entity of the moor and its many faces. Weather can switch very quickly here and can be unpredictable and ever changing. I'm looking forward to seeing Winter arrive after living in the great flat lands of Norfolk and am excited about the visual journey....

Early Summer