I've been working on the theme of Butterflies for a while recently and have all three of these images for sale in my Etsy shop. I think they are such an ideal decorative icon, I never get tired if trying to interpret them in different ways.
My favourite is the large collage butterfly to the left. I particularly like the colours and I used a lot of sweet foils in the collage which gives it a really shiny surface.

Food, glorious food......

One of the main themes in my work is food. I have always loved to cook and eat good food and I think this has naturally become an interest in my artwork.
I am particularly attracted to the arrangement of things - bowls, cups, teapots, cooking implements- still life really, and I like to play about with this idea in my collage illustrations.
I also love the decorative potential in food - colours and patterns etc and I make most use of this in some of my paper mache pieces. My paper mache cake boxes play this idea to the full. I have both of these for sale in my etsy shop.
At the moment I'm working on some images of 'cup cakes' using collaged fabrics. Again very decorative and patterned. I hope to post them soon.