My work for the iphoneart contest : ProCamera Contest Uncharted

This competition is a platform for Artists to see how far they can push the creative potential of iphone art centering all their images around the use of one app - ProCamera. I work with apps more and more in my landscape work but for this contest I worked with portraits to see what I could do, I wanted to be out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed the creative challenge so much. Here are my submissions and links to look at work in the contest.....

My beautiful Valentine ♥

To celebrate Valentine's Day you can buy any image of my work
10 x 10 inches
Printed with a white border, hand signed and with the option
of a special message included.
Art makes a personal and special gift
and it will out live most chocolates and roses !

£15.00 / 17.50 Euros/ 23 USD

Prints are on Fuji Supreme Paper

You can choose any print from my blog or website.

Postage by Airmail £2.57 / 3 Euros to Europe
Rest of the world £4.49/ 7.00 USD

You can email me with any questions or orders or use the contact form via my website:

The Journeys Project.......

If you enjoy my ethereal landscape photography, then I hope you will enjoy this visual journey through the seasons of 2010 bringing some of the pictures together as a video.
Nearly all the journeys made were in walking distance of my home in Norfolk, UK.
My work is about the small details that get missed and finding beauty even on the bleakest of days if you simply find time to look.

Fine Art Prints of my work........

I sell amazingly beautiful high quality Art Prints of all my work worldwide.

I use Hahnemuhle paper which gives the most beautiful finish, a heavy weight and makes the prints look like paintings.

8 x 10 or 12 x16 inches
 or squares 12 x 12, 16 x 16, 20 x 20, 24 x 24 (* note most of my work is square format)

Prints are on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper (305g) printed with archival inks which give an ultra high quality with high resistance to fading.

All of the pictures you see archived on my blog or on my web site can be purchased as prints.I take a great deal of care to ensure prints arrive by post in good condition.

I accept Paypal or cheques.

You can email me with any questions you have
or fill in an enquiry form via my website

Fine Art Prints Sale Week !!!

       For the next week I am selling 
3 prints 
in any format 
below for the price of 2.

My prints are on Hahnemule Photo Rag Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper (305g)
100% cotton, printed with archival inks which give an ultra high quality with high resistance to fading.
This is an exceptionally beautiful paper and all my customers have been really
pleased with the high quality of the prints they have received.
I take a great deal of care to ensure prints arrive by post in good condition.
I sell worldwide on a regular basis.

Print Prices
8 x 10 inches - £25.00
12 x16 inches - £40.00

Square formats

12 x 12 inches - £35.00
 16 x 16            - £50.00
  20 x 20            - £60.00
  24 x 24            - £70.00
An additional charge for postage is added for each order.
This is quoted in each customer order before the sale proceeds.
I prefer Paypal but do accept cheques.
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Re-designed Sarah Jarrett Etsy Shop with new 8 x 10 prints......

I've been redesigning my Etsy Shop and am now offering a wide range of high quality 8 x 10 prints of my photographic, collage and digital designs. They are printed on Crystal Archive Supreme Paper in a choice of gloss or matt printed with archival inks. These are ultra high quality prints with high resistance to fading.
In the next week I will also be adding 12 x 16 prints too.

A Love Heart each day.......

I love Hearts and I often use them in my designs. I thought it would be fun this week to post a heart piece a day up until Valentines day next Sunday. This is the first, its a collage I did for my etsy shop a while ago. I love its clean colours and its simple design. I also liked the idea of lovehearts growing like flowers.

New Online Portfolio....

I've redesigned my online portfolio and I'm really pleased with how it looks. View it and tell me what you think...
I've been really busy lately doing a lot of workshops in schools all over Norfolk for the Science, Art and Writing Trust. Its been a fantastic experience, I've been involved in it for several years now and I feel like I learn a great deal every time.

Food, glorious food......

One of the main themes in my work is food. I have always loved to cook and eat good food and I think this has naturally become an interest in my artwork.
I am particularly attracted to the arrangement of things - bowls, cups, teapots, cooking implements- still life really, and I like to play about with this idea in my collage illustrations.
I also love the decorative potential in food - colours and patterns etc and I make most use of this in some of my paper mache pieces. My paper mache cake boxes play this idea to the full. I have both of these for sale in my etsy shop.
At the moment I'm working on some images of 'cup cakes' using collaged fabrics. Again very decorative and patterned. I hope to post them soon.


I run several Art sessions each week after school for children aged 5 -11 years. They are really popular and I've been running them for about 8 years now. I have always taught art alongside being an artist. Living in the countryside I wanted initially to offer creative opportunities for young children in rural areas. I moved from Brighton to Norwich in 1997 and I was quite shocked at how few 'art' opportunities there were here. I run my Art sessions to try and give children a chance to use lots of different materials and media but to also develop real confidence as they progress. In some schools Art seems to have a smaller and smaller place in the curriculum. They develop some amazing work and we have a proper exhibition of the art work each school term. I always make an artwork myself to start each project alongside visual ideas boards. I don't think its fair to ask them to do something I haven't attempted myself first.
I started a new project with my Art groups last week looking at faces and expressions. I wanted the idea to be really colourful and appealling so I made this piece as inspiration using a large sheet of cardboard as backing and making the headshapes and hair from newspaper and masking tape. I then painted all the detail. I used lots of bright patterns in stripes and spots and added hair accessories from cardboard. The children loved the idea and are developing some brilliant responses. One of the older girls who responds to anything decorative is making some wonderful hairstyles from curls and spirals of newspaper and some of the boys are making mohicans and punks for some of their characters. I hope to include some examples when they begin to paint their work.

Butterflies and Flowers......

I've been working flat out all weekend to finish new work for SURTEX next week in New York. My agent is going out towards the end of the week for meetings prior to the event and new work needs to go into the portfolios before then. When I'm really busy I get on to a real roll and I can produce new pieces quite quickly.
Last week I picked up some old wallpaper books to use as collage papers in my work. One in particular had some beautiful textured papers in bright colours with almost powdery textures that were lovely to use. I felt like a child with a new paint box. Anyway I used these to make some of my new work. The Butterflies and Flowers shown are two of the images I've just finished and are now for sale in my Etsy shop.