New Food Collage Squares.....

The three 'food' squares are a commission for a new range of 'cafe cards'. Although they were quite a fiddle to cut, I have really enjoyed the challenge of the brief and I'm pleased with the final results. I really enjoy working in this way - its painstaking work but the end results yeild a lot of personal satisfaction. Although I sell prints of my work via my Etsy shop, I am able to carry out private commissions of originals for interiors and can easily be contacted via my website


I've been working on the theme of Butterflies for a while recently and have all three of these images for sale in my Etsy shop. I think they are such an ideal decorative icon, I never get tired if trying to interpret them in different ways.
My favourite is the large collage butterfly to the left. I particularly like the colours and I used a lot of sweet foils in the collage which gives it a really shiny surface.

Butterflies and Flowers......

I've been working flat out all weekend to finish new work for SURTEX next week in New York. My agent is going out towards the end of the week for meetings prior to the event and new work needs to go into the portfolios before then. When I'm really busy I get on to a real roll and I can produce new pieces quite quickly.
Last week I picked up some old wallpaper books to use as collage papers in my work. One in particular had some beautiful textured papers in bright colours with almost powdery textures that were lovely to use. I felt like a child with a new paint box. Anyway I used these to make some of my new work. The Butterflies and Flowers shown are two of the images I've just finished and are now for sale in my Etsy shop.