Re-designed Sarah Jarrett Etsy Shop with new 8 x 10 prints......

I've been redesigning my Etsy Shop and am now offering a wide range of high quality 8 x 10 prints of my photographic, collage and digital designs. They are printed on Crystal Archive Supreme Paper in a choice of gloss or matt printed with archival inks. These are ultra high quality prints with high resistance to fading.
In the next week I will also be adding 12 x 16 prints too.

A Love Heart each day.......

I love Hearts and I often use them in my designs. I thought it would be fun this week to post a heart piece a day up until Valentines day next Sunday. This is the first, its a collage I did for my etsy shop a while ago. I love its clean colours and its simple design. I also liked the idea of lovehearts growing like flowers.

New printed circle paintings.....

I've been working on a whole series of abstract pieces lately for an interior design company mainly using digital media- long hours on photoshop and it reignited my inbuilt passion for shape and pattern so I've been doing some immediate hands on printed paintings for my Etsy shop and to escape the virtual world!
'Aqua Circles' and 'Crimson and tangerine circles' shown here are the two I've just listed. See
I love working in this way and playing about with the endless combinations and arrangements of simple shapes and patterns.
I wanted them to look very bold and primative with strong colours and to echo Indian or African textiles.


I've been working on the theme of Butterflies for a while recently and have all three of these images for sale in my Etsy shop. I think they are such an ideal decorative icon, I never get tired if trying to interpret them in different ways.
My favourite is the large collage butterfly to the left. I particularly like the colours and I used a lot of sweet foils in the collage which gives it a really shiny surface.

Food, glorious food......

One of the main themes in my work is food. I have always loved to cook and eat good food and I think this has naturally become an interest in my artwork.
I am particularly attracted to the arrangement of things - bowls, cups, teapots, cooking implements- still life really, and I like to play about with this idea in my collage illustrations.
I also love the decorative potential in food - colours and patterns etc and I make most use of this in some of my paper mache pieces. My paper mache cake boxes play this idea to the full. I have both of these for sale in my etsy shop.
At the moment I'm working on some images of 'cup cakes' using collaged fabrics. Again very decorative and patterned. I hope to post them soon.

Flowers - Painted Photographic Prints

I began my freelance career making large photographic colour prints of flowers and painting on to them with oils, sometimes I stitched onto the surface with a sewing machine. I hadn't seen any other photographic work that had stitched surfaces and I thought it was an interesting idea. It added another dynamic and gave the pieces a different quality. I gained a lot of early success with card and poster publishers with these images and I think it was because the idea was unusual and original.
I still make photographic pieces and continue to add other elements using collage and painting to experiment and explore. I am always drawn to flowers and still life objects. I like very simple arrangements. My main focus is always the differing qualities of natural light and of colour.
In my Etsy shop I sell prints and posters but I also have some original pieces for sale. This is the only venue for buying my originals as I rarely sell them on.
One day I would like to do a book of my flower images integrated with some of my landscapes of Norfolk. I am always recording . I have a plan chest crammed with prints and experiments that I would like to do something with............

Butterflies and Flowers......

I've been working flat out all weekend to finish new work for SURTEX next week in New York. My agent is going out towards the end of the week for meetings prior to the event and new work needs to go into the portfolios before then. When I'm really busy I get on to a real roll and I can produce new pieces quite quickly.
Last week I picked up some old wallpaper books to use as collage papers in my work. One in particular had some beautiful textured papers in bright colours with almost powdery textures that were lovely to use. I felt like a child with a new paint box. Anyway I used these to make some of my new work. The Butterflies and Flowers shown are two of the images I've just finished and are now for sale in my Etsy shop.