A long break

I've had a long break from writing my blog. Its been an incredibly busy year since winning the Mobile Artist/Photographer of the Year. I've been involved in many different projects that have taken all my time. Picture making hasn't stopped however and I have been exploring portraiture for the last year, feeling like I wanted to break with Landscape for a bit and try something new. Soon I am making a trip to the Small Isles and hope to document my stay on a remote island for two weeks. Very excited about this. Here are some of the heads I have been constructing lately by literally experimenting with overlays and painting together on my ipad.

The Poppy Series

Its been a while since I last posted, this Summer has been really busy and I have been involved in running some big projects with schools as an Artist for Learning. So my attention has been taken away from my picture making for a time but is now refocused once more.
After discovering a whole field of Poppies on a nearby farm close to my house I have been making regular visits while out walking with my camera to record them. The resulting 'Poppy Series' is much more experimental, painterly and freer than my normal 'style' but I have really enjoyed the process.










A Landscape of Dreams by Sarah Jarrett | Make Your Own Book

My work for the iphoneart contest : ProCamera Contest Uncharted

This competition is a platform for Artists to see how far they can push the creative potential of iphone art centering all their images around the use of one app - ProCamera. I work with apps more and more in my landscape work but for this contest I worked with portraits to see what I could do, I wanted to be out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed the creative challenge so much. Here are my submissions and links to look at work in the contest.....